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Puppy Obedience Online November Socialisation and Obedience - Thursday 6.30pm


6.30pm Thursday evenings online: Join our new and exciting online Puppy Obedience Course to make sure your 13 – 20 week old puppy is great in the house, and is learning obedience skills for out and about.

In our live weekly sessions you will get training demonstrations, expert tips and live feedback as you practice at home, and join a community of new owners.

“I cannot recommend Animal Kind enough! In these testing times Helen and Chris are able to provide an excellent comprehensive puppy training session online which has been so beneficial to us,” said Gina Charles, with 13-week-old Louie.

This 4-session Obedience Course teaches you all the basics that you need now that your pup can venture out, such as Social Manners, Food Manners, Lead Walking, and Recall.

This course covers basic obedience such as: Sit, Lie Down, Wait in both positions, Going to a Bed on command, how to prevent Food Bowl Guarding, Leave It on command, not Jumping, and Dropping Items.

It starts at 6.30pm on Thursday, November 12th online and runs for 1 hour. You will be sent a Zoom link, along with instructions about how to set up your laptop, tablet and training area. There are only 8 puppies and owners on each course, so book now to avoid disappointment.

To book, please transfer £75 (apply a discount of £10 if you've had a Puppy Power session or package) to Animal Kind Dog Training:  

Account Number: 42468239
Sort Code: 40-42-12

Or pay through Paypal, from our website, and type in DISCOUNT10 if you have had a Puppy Power session or package.

The course includes a one-hour lesson live each week, for 4 sessions, as well as access to lots of video clips to remind you and help you practice, lesson plans, and a recording of the session afterwards.

Animal Kind launched In the House online dog training courses after over 20 years combined experience working with dogs, as accredited dog training instructors, and a behaviourist with a masters degree.

You get lots of one-to-one tuition from Chris and Helen, which is tailor made for you and your pup. Animal Kind set up its Dog Training School in 2012. Chris is an accredited Dog Training Instructor with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour, and is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians. Helen is a student member of the IMDT and has an OCN qualification in Canine Behaviour.

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T&C: Refunds for anyone wishing to cancel their place less than 7 days ahead of the course will be made at our discretion. Full refunds will be given to cancellations made 7 days or more ahead.

121 Puppy Power Session and Packages

If you are new to dog ownership, or just want to make sure you’re doing it right from the start, using the best modern methods, this 2 hour session is a fast-track way of covering all types of basic training, including lead and collar and harness training, crate training, anti-biting, toilet training, and answers any questions about food, exercise, insurance, behaviour and much more. The session can also be tailor-made to any issues you are having, and it compliments the Puppy Socialisation course.

If you would also like the details of our Puppy Power Packages at your home, or online, (and receive a £10 discount if you have already booked on the Puppy Socialisation course), don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or text or call on 07542 150 036.

Positive Client Feedback for our online courses:

Gina Charles, with 13-week-old Louie, added:
“They are extremely professional and also very welcoming and it’s a lovely relaxed session.  We also noticed a positive change in our puppy before and after the first session! Can’t wait for next week’s lesson.”

Suzy Henderson, with 18-week-old pup Scout, said:
‘As a new dog owner I really can’t recommend this course highly enough. We completed our first online ‘In The House’ training session this week and it was absolutely fantastic. These are strange times and we have been really worried about training Scout but the session was fully interactive, incredibly helpful and reassuring and most of all lots of fun. Scout came away shattered, and full of food, but with lots of new skills which we’ve been practicing every day since. I thought I would find the video conferencing aspect odd, but after 5 mins it seemed normal and it was lovely to see all the other pups and owners too. Chris answered all our questions, coached throughout and was generally lovely. The notes from the class and video recording of the class are so helpful too.’

Laura May, with 8-month-old puppy Boxer, Bonnie, said:
‘Animal Kind have successfully switched to remote classes. We got just as much instruction and feedback as if face to face, along with crucial advice for how to manage this isolating time. The whole class shared tips and ideas with each other. Bonnie really enjoyed her online lesson from Chris, Helen and Macca, and it entertained the whole family! We all recommend it!’

Kath Kelly, with 14-month-old Golden Retriever Betty Boo, said:
‘We are now taking part in the new online training - it worked brilliantly and is amazing fun and therapy for the whole family!! Can highly recommend Chris and Helen for both their group training and 121 advice. We are so looking forward to next week. Thank you xx’